Hanging out outside Fort Moonmoth, escorting some dude to Pelagiad.

Why yes, I am playing Morrowind (for the billionth time)

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Steff and Hardy Jenns are like the same person but Steff is hotter

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TRAUMA (1993) - a dark secret, a twisted mind, an insane desire for revenge.

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Ohhh godd!!!!

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It is you who are betrayed! Power is fleeting, love is eternal!

4 days ago

'And love was never meant to be'

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Endless drooling
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Katharine Hepburn on stage - Jane Eyre (1936)

Wish she’d made a Jane Eyre movie : )
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JENNIFER EIGHT (1992) Is that why you need to pick on this little blind girl? Because you can control her?

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I have a degree in Photography and like beautiful faces. I greatly appreciate well-written and well-regarded literature & cinema, but also have an unquenchable thirst for what some might call 'trash'. The greatest sins a book or film can have, in my opinion, is to be either boring or pretentious. WTFuckery I am all for. Bring on what is bold, beautiful and crazy. Shahrukh Khan is my obsession, Katharine Hepburn is my idol, and monobrows are aesthetically pleasing to me. Bollywood, Classic Hollywood, Gossip Girl and Phantom of the Opera rock my socks.
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