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SKY HIGH (2003) - I’ll fight the whole world, to save the one I love

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AZUMI (2003) - Such a young girl. I feel sorry for you.

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"There’s a writer whose books I keep on a table by the bed and read from time to time. He tells about a tenant who moves stealthily into the apartment above him. The writer hears the tenant moving about, stirring, walking, and then suddenly he seems to vanish. For a long time he isn’t heard again. But he comes back. Gradually his absence becomes more rare, his presence more constant. His death. The awareness that he has reached the end of his life, announced to him in one of death’s many deceitful disguises. Your presence above me has meant just the opposite to me. And I don’t believe I’ve been deceived. You’ve awakened me, from a sleep, as profound, as insensitive, and as deaf as death itself."

Gruppo di famiglia in un interno (1974) by Luchino Visconti
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I have a degree in Photography and like beautiful faces. I greatly appreciate well-written and well-regarded literature & cinema, but also have an unquenchable thirst for what some might call 'trash'. The greatest sins a book or film can have, in my opinion, is to be either boring or pretentious. WTFuckery I am all for. Bring on what is bold, beautiful and crazy. Shahrukh Khan is my obsession, Katharine Hepburn is my idol, and monobrows are aesthetically pleasing to me. Bollywood, Classic Hollywood, Gossip Girl and Phantom of the Opera rock my socks.
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